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Last Updated: 7/10/2019 09:55 EST
Last Updated: 7/10/2019 09:55 EST
How These 2 Common Household Kitchen Spices Can Manage Weight And Stop Inflammation
How These 2 Common Household Kitchen Spices
Can Manage Weight And Stop Inflammation
When taken with the "lemon" elixir below, it increases their effectiveness by 2,000%; free bottle offer available for the next 500 readers
When taken with the "lemon" elixir below, it increases their effectiveness by 2,000%;
free bottle offer available for the next 500 readers
(Boston) - Healthcare experts continue to regard these common household spices as some of the most powerful tools in management of everything from providing anti-inflammatory properties, burning stubborn belly fat, to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
These two common spices are probably sitting in your kitchen right now. Yet, when they are combined together and used on a daily basis they have a dramatic effect on joint aches, arthritis, chronic pain and turning back the aging process, giving you healthier, better looking skin.

With healthcare premiums rising, people are looking for more natural way to take control of their own health. We are seeing a major shift in people using all-natural supplements because they will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in healthcare costs every year.
What are you eating right now that's making you look older instead of 20 years younger? "You are what you eat" not exactly, but what you eat does have a clear impact on who you are, and (this is what we're going to talk about) how you look.

Recent anti-aging and nutrition research shows that you can reduce wrinkles, age marks, and boost collagen "bounce-back" of your skin just by adding this "10-Second" spice mixture that you likely have in your kitchen right now.

So, why do these two secret spices have such a profound effect on your overall health? How can they relieve achy joints and arthritis, aid in healthy blood sugar levels, help your skin "glow," and drop those unwanted pounds? It's because they have the ability to target the one single root of virtually all major health concerns: INFLAMMATION
Time Magazine called inflammation "The Secret Killer" and linked it to heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer's and several other major diseases.

Dr. Tanya Edwards, who is the director of the prestigious Center for Integrative Medicine, was recently quoted as saying inflammation is now recognized by the scientific community to be the: "underlying basis of a significant number of diseases."

In fact, inflammation has been linked to more than 120 different conditions and health threats, including heart attacks, strokes, dementia, irritable bowel syndrome, and autoimmune disorders. For those who struggle with weight problems, inflammation can be even worse.

According to Dr. Peter Libby, who’s a professor at Harvard Medical School, "We’ve learned that abdominal fat tissue is a hotbed of inflammation" something “that pours out all kinds of inflammatory molecules."
The first spice is Turmeric. Turmeric is what gives curry its yellow color and it’s also routinely added to mustard for the same reason. While turmeric is great as a flavoring, where it really shines is as one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients known to man. Specifically, turmeric is made up of several ultra healthy compounds called curcuminoids, including one called curcumin. Curcumin is so powerful that its effectiveness matches some anti-inflammatory drugs.

In fact, turmeric is actually one of the best fat-burning ingredients in existence. According to a 2016 study published in the Journal Nutrition Research and Practice turmeric can "contribute to the decreasing of body fat and regulating leptin secretion." 

It’s important to know about this second spice, because when it’s combined with turmeric, it increases its effectiveness by up to 2,000%.
"Supports healthy blood sugar levels. 100% of people taking curcumin had a healthier response to insulin."
— Journal of Diabetes Care
"Supports joint comfort and easy pain-free mobility. People taking curcumin saw pain scores drop by 60%… and stiffness scores drop by 73%."
 — Journal of Alternative Medicine Review
The second spice is piperine and it’s commonly found in black pepper. Piperine is incredibly important because your body has trouble absorbing curcumin on its own. The good news is that when you mix turmeric together with piperine in the right dosage you can enjoy the tremendous anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin in their entirety.

For example, in a 2016 study published in the Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, it was found that combining curcumin and piperine "presented a significantly better therapeutic potential" than just curcumin alone. It helped lower body weight, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol in diabetic patients. In a 2015 study in the Journal Clinical Nutrition, it was shown that combining curcumin with piperine “significantly improves” inflammation, and can be regarded as a "natural, safe, and effective" anti-inflammatory agent.

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