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Last Updated: 9/2/2018 09:55 EST
Last Updated: 9/2/2018 09:55 EST
Top 4 Reasons Probiotics Are Going To Change 
Gen X'ers And Baby Boomers' Health
Top 4 Reasons Probiotics Are Going To Change Gen X'ers And
Baby Boomers' Health
New discovery dissolves body fat, restores youthful blood flow and energy
New discovery dissolves body fat, restores youthful blood flow and energy
(Boston) - Healthcare experts continue to point to probiotics as one of the most powerful tools in the management of everything from constipation and bloating to diarrhea and skin health.
But, are you aware that using the right probiotic formula can help you shed body fat and lose weight, virtually eliminating gas and bloating... in addition to improving your digestive system entirely?

Save Hundreds Of Dollars 
With healthcare premiums rising, people are looking for more natural ways to take control of their own health. We are seeing a major shift in people using all-natural supplements because they will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in healthcare costs every year.
Historically, yogurt has been a primary source of probiotics, but yogurt products are loaded with sugar and have their own health implications for the tens of millions of people who are trying to lose weight. Sales of the healthier Greek-style yogurt are up 50% recently, showing that individuals are looking for healthier probiotic options. Unfortunately, even most Greek yogurt is loaded with sugar and calories.
Do you...
  • Suffer from gas and bloating?
  • Experience muscle and joint pain you can't explain?
  • Feel exhausted and crave carbs?
  • Experience depression or irritability on a regular basis?
4 Reasons why Gen X and Baby Boomers Need Probiotics

Reason # 1 - Probiotics kickstart healthy fat loss
The reason for your weight gain may be due to unhealthy bacteria residing in your gut from eating too many processed foods, carbohydrates, etc. Introduce good bacteria back into your gut and jumpstart your ability to fight fat! In fact, studies have shown that individuals who are overweight often have more bad bacteria in their gut than their slimmer counterparts.

Reason # 2 - Probiotics protect you against unwanted toxins and bolster your immune system 
Probiotics protect you against unwanted toxins and bolster your immune system . Whether we realize it or not, our bodies are inundated with pesticides, pollution, metals and viruses on a daily basis. Probiotics help strengthen your natural toxin fighting bacteria enabling your own immune system to keep you healthier. 

Reason # 3 - Cognitive Function
Given the two-way communication between the gut and the brain (i.e., gut-brain axis), it may not come as much of a surprise that one of the benefits of probiotics appears to be improved cognitive function (e.g., focus, memory). Animal studies have shown that optimal function of the gut-brain axis is necessary for normal cognitive performance, and recent evidence shows that changes in the gut microbiota influences cognitive behavior, such as learning and memory.

In a randomized, controlled trial, researchers found that older adults supplementing with probiotics for 12 weeks demonstrated significant improvement in the mini-mental state examination (MMSE) score compared to the control group. The MMSE is a tool used to assess several areas of cognitive function, such as learning, memory, and focus.

Reason # 4 - Probiotics reduce joint pain-causing inflammation 
Joint pain caused by inflammation has been shown to be linked with inflammation in the intestinal tract. Probiotics help reduce this inflammation, enabling our bodies to be stronger and better able to fight inflammation – equating to joint health and reduced pain.

When this second ingredient is added, it increases fat burning by 95%
Luckily, for the millions of people trying to lose weight and improve their digestive health, the team at Novilean recently developed a breakthrough probiotic supplement that actually assists in weight loss. Novilean Probiotic 40 Billion is a blend of 4 strains (40 billion organisms) of Probiotic Bacteria. The groundbreaking new probiotic supplement, which not only helps you lose weight, also has all of the digestive benefits that probiotics are traditionally known for. Plus, they realized when they added a second ingredient called Lactobacillus Acidophilus, it increased fat burning by 95%.

Novilean Probiotics is the revolutionary new formula that helps you:
  • Burn fat and lose weight
  • Ease diarrhea and relieve constipation
  • Reduce gas and bloating
  • Improve overall digestive health
The research team behind this breakthrough are so enthusiastic to share their finding that they actually have an "Extra Bottle" promotion for the next 500 people. If you are interested in trying Novilean Probiotic 40 Billion and seeing first-hand how weight loss and digestive health can be addressed with one supplement, click here to request your bottle.
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